People Solutions

Our experts bring solutions to all market sectors and all types of organisations. We can help wherever there are humans at work.

Our people solutions are designed to tackle the most challenging areas in the modern workplace.

We bring our unique approach to the issues of Recruitment, Talent, Leadership, Performance Motivation, Wellbeing, Team Effectiveness and Strengths Development to empower and enable people to perform and thrive.

We work at the leading edge of Talent Management through Positive Psychology research to create evidence-based solutions for our clients. From simple self-facilitating tools for anyone to use, to fully facilitated programmes of work, from simple contingent placement services to long term team building and leadership search, we partner with our clients to work with their individual business needs, budgets and time constraints.

Flexible and convenient, our solutions align with ease to existing approaches and can complement other initiatives. They are easily scalable for large organisations and for teams spread out geographically across the UK or globally.

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A Positive Approach to Recruitment

We manoeuvre positive placements that lead to growth on an individual, team and organisational levels.

At Bailey & French, we believe that people are the greatest asset or largest hinderance to organisational success. Bringing the right talent into teams and ensuring that long-term strategies are at the core of all recruitment processes results in growth for individuals, the teams they form and the organisation that they exist within.

Our work spans the entire lifecycle from attractingrecruiting and inducting the right people into the right roles, through to post-placement services such as performance motivation and leadership development.

Together, we create and motivate positive working environments where people feel comfortable and can make the most of their independent drive to achieve personal and organisational success. We aim for durable success for our candidates and clients, and it all starts with strategic placement.

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Learning Solutions

We empower great performance

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Empowering tools that create platforms for positive conversations and embedding learning

We’ve designed simple and practical tools that anyone can pick up and use. As they are self-facilitating and easily scalable, they can be used to make a rapid, positive impact across an organisation.

Each of our tools is developed to support the practical application of Positive Psychology theory and create platforms for people to learn and grow together. They can be purchased separately with user guides where needed and our clients often find it convenient to trial them with a pilot team.

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