Human leadership and how it impacts performance and wellbeing

There’s a reason you’re hearing more about human leadership – it’s a way of leading that focuses on enabling and empowering human beings to build more resilient, purpose-driven and deeply-connected organisations. Bailey & French strongly believe it’s the only way to lead.

We develop unique human leadership solutions using only the latest evidence-based research. Our content focuses on: strengths, wellbeing, emotional intelligence, psychologically-safe work cultures and performance.

There are four core models to improve a leader’s self awareness through deeper understanding – enabling them to become more inclusive, role model their behaviour and strengthen relationships. 

Our unique solutions consider what works for your business: do you need a tailored programme? Are you looking for facilitated workshops? A course? Some DIY tools to enhance your leaders? Tell us your needs.

Who will benefit?

We work with clients and leaders across the public and private sectors.

  • Exec leaders and board teams – fine tuning the impact of their leadership style on human experience and how to empower future leaders
  • Senior leadership teams – peer learning, uniting senior leaders across the business to connect, collaborate and share stories
  • Future leaders – ambitious and determined future leaders wanting to create a better organisation for the future, learning together
  • Middle managers – as we’re seeing a high turnover and high levels of burnout, those who need lots of support to become more resilient and energised
  • Front line and first-time managers – eager to learn and influence from the bottom up