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We empower people to be their best for performance & wellbeing

At Bailey & French, we combine our reputable experience within multiple functional specialities with our positive approach to consultant recruitment. This results in a seamless service that finds the right candidate for the right roles.

We carefully assess the requirements of our roles and then considerately search for suitable people that will excel as individuals and in-turn grow their respective organisations.

We are specialists in:

  • Risk Management
  • Compliance
  • Technology
  • Leadership and Exec Hires

We have a range of services including:

  • Contingency Search
  • Retained Assignments
  • Interim and Contract services
  • Team Hires
  • Market Mapping & Competitor Insight
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Our Approach

1) Let’s talk about it
We get to know our candidates and dig deeper in regards to their situation, motivations and their strengths

2) Let’s give people skills
We provide skilled matching of profiles to roles and companies, both in terms of technical and cultural fit.

3) Let’s make it stick
We assist with onboarding and managing candidates and clients through the first few months in a hires new role and environment.


We focus on working collaboratively, drawing together our skills, experience and strengths to create the best possible experience for our clients and candidates.

We tend to work with a large number of our clients on broader cultural, wellbeing and performance programmes, so we typically have invaluable insight and understanding of the environment and culture of the companies we partner with and can offer to place individuals with.

Our added value solutions for candidates and clients alike:

  • Market Intelligence
  • CV Profiling
  • Market Mapping
  • Real-Time Project Viewing
  • International Resourcing
  • Managed Recruitment Services
  • Strengths Interviewing
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We empower people to be their best.

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