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Choose Bailey & French for your recruitment

Bailey & French make positive placements which lead to growth for individuals, teams and organisations. We’ve built a strong reputation based in experience and expertise. We offer a range of tailored hiring solutions – as individual elements or as part of a fully managed recruitment service. Our global hiring solutions include:

  • Contingency search
  • Retained assignments
  • Leadership and executive search
  • Embedded recruitment solutions
  • Recruiting at scale, team hires/acquisition
  • Permanent and interim roles
  • Market mapping, market intelligence and competitor insight
  • Risk and compliance
  • Quant/Analytics/Data Science
  • Technology and digital
  • Change and transformation
  • Strategy and innovation
  • ESG and climate change

Our positive approach

Let’s talk about it
At our core, we believe in building genuine connections with our clients and candidates. We don’t just scratch the surface; we dive deep to uncover the essence of what drives them – their requirements, motivations, and strengths.

Let’s focus on strengths
We excel in the art of matching profiles – not just on a technical level, but also in terms of cultural alignment. It’s about finding the perfect synergy between individuals, roles, and companies, ensuring a harmonious fit that fosters success and fulfillment.

Let’s make it stick
From day one, we’re there, guiding and supporting through the onboarding process. Whether it’s candidates stepping into new roles or clients welcoming new team members, we’re with you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth transition and setting the stage for long-term success.