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Bailey & French
Humanising the world of work

Our flexible and scalable solutions, from recruitment to leadership development, ensure sustainable growth for organisations of all sizes

Whether your focus is on acquiring top-tier talent or implementing cutting-edge learning programmes, rest assured, we’ve got it covered with tailored solutions designed to meet unique people-related challenges. Partner with us and embark on the path to organisational excellence, where our dedicated support ensures teams not only meet but exceed their full potential.

Boosting productivity through strengths – a winning formula

We believe, that by recognising and harnessing the unique human strengths of each individual, organisations can achieve peak performance and face the future confidently. Join our bi-weekly workshops and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Accessible to all and free of charge, these sessions can help identify roles and contributions within the team, creating a shared success mindset.

Why Bailey & French?

Firstly, we’re proud to do things differently, by focussing on the human aspect, the people and their strengths, not just employees with skills. Our solutions are based on the latest evidence, using blended learning, with an option to tailor programmes to suit, as we know one size does not always fit all.

We’ve been trusted to consistently deliver impactful leadership development and sustainable results with major organisations across the world since 2009, in both the public and private sectors.