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What we do

Empower people to be their best for performance & wellbeing

We work at the cutting edge of positive psychology, pioneering the most innovative solutions to transform careers and organisations. At the heart of what we do is our conviction that discovering and harnessing what is great about people unlocks great performance. We are passionate advocates of relevant, proven, cost-effective training that delivers real, lasting change.


As so many of our loyal clients have already experienced, we get results. We respect valuable time, budgets and commercial pressures, and deliver tailor-made solutions for our clients. Forget the collective groan as another training day looms, Bailey and French training is different. Our unique approach will excite, motivate and inspire. We arm people with the skills they need to be their best, leading to new levels of performance and wellbeing that enrich the whole organisation.


We are specialists in:

  • Strengths Discovery & Application

  • Leadership Development

  • Performance Motivation

  • Psychological Wellbeing

  • Team Effectiveness


We have a range of solutions including:

  • Organisation-wide Learning Programmes

  • Consultancy

  • Coaching and Development

  • Workshops

  • Products/Tools


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Why Bailey & French?

Our Approach

1) Let’s talk about it

Creating platforms for positive conversations as a catalyst for new learning


2) Let’s give people skills

Empowering people to understand how to apply their best selves at work and beyond


3) Let’s make it stick

Embedding learning and equipping people with simple tools and the confidence to try new approaches

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We focus on the human level meaning that we support the growth of individuals, teams or organisations in any context, market or industry.
We work with all people, specific teams or whole organisations.

We focus on working collaboratively, drawing together our skills, experience and strengths to create the best possible experience for our clients.


Our solutions benefit:

  • Public and Private Sector

  • Teams

  • Learning and Development Professionals

  • Human Resources & People Teams

  • People Managers

  • Senior Leaders

  • Whole Organisations


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We empower people to be their best.

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