A Bailey & French team enjoying their work

Meet Bailey & French

Work is more than something that pays the bills. It creates purpose in our lives, connects us with others and provides opportunities to learn and grow. Bailey & French are committed to making the world of work a better place.

Bailey & French pioneer a broad range of innovative people solutions for the whole employee experience. Through our recruitment and development services, we help individuals thrive so that organisations become more successful.

Driven by doing what we know is right – and informed by the latest evidence-based research – we embrace our client’s challenges. We work collaboratively with you: drawing together our skills, experiences and strengths to create the best possible results.

We’ve grown from a small group of three, Brighton-based recruiters in 2009 to a global consultancy, employing more than 100 people worldwide. Creativity and inclusion are at the heart of our culture. We’re a diverse team of coaches, facilitators, recruiters, trainers and psychologists, all with a passion for fostering growth in ourselves and others.

Meet our leadership team

Alex Bailey : Global CEO & Co-Founder

Alex Bailey

Global CEO & Co-Founder

With a background in Occupational Psychology, Alex pioneered the first strengths-based performance programme to a UK organisation in 2004 and went on to scale this out in a global role to 27 countries and 65,000 people at Aviva. Alex now leads large scale, cultural evolution programmes for all sizes of organisations across all markets and industries, as well as regularly speaking at conferences, seminars and guest lectures across the world.

Futuristic, strategic, learner, maximiser, brave

Tom Bailey : Global COO & Co-Founder

Tom Bailey

Global COO & Co-Founder

Tom oversees the whole Bailey & French product and service offering. Tom supports our clients on legal, finance and operational aspects ensuring successful and seamless client experience throughout our programme lifecycle. Tom enjoys finding creative ways to solve any issues as they arise and ensures the detail is accurate.

Problem solving, attention to detail, creativity

Dane Poboka : Director of Learning

Dane Poboka

Director of Learning

As a business psychologist, Dane has 16 years of experience globally working with government, financial, insurance, professional services, mining, manufacturing, consumer and health sectors. Dane has a range of expertise across talent management, assessment, leadership development and organisational design solutions.

Empathy, organisation, adaptable communication, professionalism, calm, open-minded

Alan Pavey : Director of Operations

Alan Pavey

Director of Operations

Alan is a well-seasoned Operations Director with more than 25 years’ experience. Alan loves process and systems. He’s accountable for the implementation of business guidelines and strategies to ensure compliance. He manages and streamlines supply chains to ensure maximum client value – reducing waste, risk and environmental impact. He also reviews our working practices, promoting performance and continuous improvement.

Organisation, independence, calm, positivity, playfulness

Anthony Fitton : Head of Consulting

Anthony Fitton

Head of Consulting

Psychologist by background, Ant’s mission is to inspire life through work helping people bring their best, most authentic and energised self to work. With more than eight years’ experience, Ant takes the lead on blended people solutions for mid-level, senior and future leadership programmes, organisation-wide wellbeing initiatives, team interventions and coaching programmes at some of the world’s top brands.

Strategic thinking, self-improvement, collaboration

James Dantanus : Finance Manager

James Dantanus

Finance Manager

James is a trusted and experienced leader in the world of finance. At Bailey & French he’s responsible for gathering and reporting on, then clearly communicating, financial information to the leadership team and beyond. He evaluates how potential plans and financial issues could impact on the company. James then supports the business growth strategy and with future proofing the business financials.

Problem-solver, analytical skills, adaptable communication, professionalism, self-motivator/worker, good with technology

Gemma St Claire : HR Manager

Gemma St Claire

HR Manager

Gemma is a determined and results-driven leader with hands on experience across all areas of the employee lifecycle. She has overall responsibility for the culture, capabilities and talent at Bailey & French, delivering innovative and creative solutions to support our people and our associates. Gemma is focused on our people strategy, being the beating heart of our growth plans.

Creative, courageous, strategic, problem solver