What we do

What we do

We are a bespoke management consultancy, helping people build better organisations

Our work spans the whole employee lifecycle, from attracting and recruiting the right people into the right roles to motivating high performance and wellbeing. We empower and liberate CEOs, Senior Leaders, People Managers and HR Teams to build successful and positive organisations. 

Based in the science of Positive Psychology, our work increases self-awareness and confidence, encouraging people to be their genuine ‘best selves’. This approach feels human, respectful and enjoyable, so learning is adopted quickly and easily. We empower people to feel involved, engaged and committed, both to their own development and to ‘what comes next’ for their workplace.

You can find out more about our areas of focus below. You won’t find lots of detail because everything that we do is bespoke, but you’ll get a taste of the kind of things we do. It’s also worth noting that our programmes are tailored to meet specific organisational needs and often include elements from each section, spread over several stages to embed learning and ensure the content is always relevant.

What are strengths?

Strengths are not just the things we do well, but the things that we also enjoy. People whose role is aligned with their strengths not only work more efficiently and effectively, but are more engaged and achieve more.


We find the right people for the right roles

We use a strengths-based approach to look beyond competencies and understand not only whether candidates can do a role, but how they will perform and what will motivate them.

We work across all industries, markets and countries. What differentiates us is that we go beyond simply looking for skills to find people who will really flourish in a role.

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Helping people build better organisations

Leadership development

We build high-performing teams from groups of high-performing individuals.

Our Leadership work helps develop authentic, positive relationships. By creating safe spaces for the team to connect with each other and develop emotional intelligence, we support Leaders to collaborate as their ‘best selves’.

We also challenge and guide, focusing energy and attention on vision and strategy. We develop and create clarity, inspiring Leaders to confidently take forward their plans and grow their aspirations.

Performance motivation

We motivate high performance through focusing on strengths.

Traditional performance management focuses on developing our areas of weakness, and can actually reduce our ability to perform effectively. In contrast, positively motivating performance by focusing on areas of strength helps us release potential – people who know and use their strengths are proven to be more productive, engaged and satisfied in their roles.

We help create performance motivation frameworks based on ongoing, open and honest conversations. These free us from inefficient and ineffective appraisals, and focus our attention on positive growth and development for excellent performance.


We help individuals, teams and organisations support wellbeing.

Stress and mental ill-health are two of the leading causes of long-term workplace absence in the UK. It is tempting to take a parental approach and try to ‘look after’ our people, but the real power lies in empowering them to take responsibility for their own health and happiness, treating them as equal partners in ensuring their own, and others’, workplace wellbeing.

All of our programmes are designed to implicitly enhance wellbeing, but we also offer a selection of specific wellbeing workshops, webinars and tools, built around the ‘PERMA’ model – positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning and achievement – with the addition of resilience.


We support people to be their best.

Our one-to-one and group strengths coaching helps individuals and teams to understand themselves better and feel empowered to grow in directions that feel really authentic.
We coach Leaders and Managers, often as part of broader development programmes, and also provide sessions for individuals who are looking to make changes in their working lives.


We provide simple and practical tools to support learning, many of which are available here for self-facilitation.

Although we focus on creating engaging face-to-face experiences, we know that it’s sometimes helpful to have tools in-house to help embed and sustain learning – or to use when internal capacity is high or budgets are low. Easy for anyone to facilitate, our tools are all based in Positive Psychology theory and designed as platforms for individuals to take accountability for growth in their role, team and organisation.

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