How We Support Candidates

It is your career trajectory, we just give it momentum.


As search specialists, we not only identify candidates but guide them to make informed choices about their career trajectory and help them step into new roles fully prepared.

Working at the heart of the market means we are in the best position to be able to give you advice and practical support. Many candidates rely on us to help them make decisions when it comes to making a career change. Areas we advise on include corporate culture, pay levels, strengths and weaknesses, and the potential short, medium and long-term effects of decisions you will make.

Inspired by your sense of what you want to achieve, we help you find the most realistic route to getting there. Using our inside knowledge of the functions and their markets, we advise and support you throughout the process without the pressure, persuasion or noise that you might receive from traditional head-hunters.

Instead, we help you weigh up the pros and cons and fill in the gaps in your information so that you can make informed choices with great outcomes. Even when you have found a new role, we don’t disappear. Where appropriate, we give you the advice you need to ease the transition and many of our clients take up our post-placement services to ensure your wellbeing and performance are at their best.

Relationships built on solid foundations


Our ethos is to be supportive, to focus on identifying opportunities that are relevant to you as an individual and to facilitate connections between you and the firms you want to engage with.

We are ambassadors for every candidate we work with, protecting their reputation within the market, and having an emphasis on confidentiality and security.

Current Opportunities
Candidate-led search

Traditional head-hunters tend to only represent candidates to organisations that have given them a firm requirement for a specific role.

At Bailey & French we go the extra mile; while most of our activities on behalf of candidates are based on specific vacancies, we also use our extensive network to proactively introduce people to organisations that are of interest to them, or even explore opportunities with companies we have not worked with yet. Very often we find that defined vacancies have not always been communicated externally or that companies happily create roles for the right candidate to deliver their outcomes.

Especially within our core functions we have found that this approach of opening doors with companies that candidates want to work for, often enables us to represent people to several organisations simultaneously, maximising choice and optimising the timing of processes.

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International Moves

All of our Consultants work internationally, and all our efforts are integrated across national borders, putting us in a very good place to advise you on how to make working in another country possible and foster international moves.

We genuinely understand cultural differences, realistic remuneration expectations in different countries and the transferability of your skills and expertise.

We empower people to be their best.

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