Powerful Communication

Being part of a cohesive team means having a sense of unity and mutual commitment and accountability. Each member of the team has their own unique strengths and it is by blending them together that the team is able to flow collectively and achieve high performance.

Timely, constructive and relevant feedback, linked to strengths, helps the individual team members to know whether their actions have driven the team forward towards its goal. Research on the theory of flow has also shown that clear and unambiguous feedback fosters individual flow.

The Benefits of Powerful Communication

Constructive feedback and open communication helps improve performance and unambiguous praise is also an important element of feedback and critical to achieving flow. Gallup data says that receiving regular praise at work makes people more productive and engaged, as well as boosting their wellbeing and increasing customer satisfaction scores. 

Using strengths gives us the best chance of building deep connections quickly in our work relationships – much needed when teams are thrown together or find themselves facing a new challenge suddenly

There is a wealth of research that also shows the value of strengths in individual, organisational and team performance. According to Gallup, using our strengths everyday as an individual makes us more engaged and productive. And when it comes to team performance, Gallup research has found that teams who focus on their strengths every day are 12-15% more productive.