Relationships and Teams

Without positive relationships – connections based on mutual trust and respect – our work can suffer. This isn’t surprising considering positive relationships act as energising revitalisers. They improve our wellbeing, engagement, and resilience, therefore making us feel more energetic and motivated.

Due to the ways we work evolving at an exponential rate, especially in times of remote working and hybrid teams, teams are required to be more agile than ever, flexing to fit into ever-changing environments. A network of strong, positive relationships, and teams that can self-manage to some degree are becoming vital to an organisation’s success.

Companies that promote collaborative working are 5 times as likely to be high performing – Forbes, 2017

Relationships with colleagues was deemed the number one contributor to employee engagement, with 77% of respondents listing workplace connections as a priority - Society for Human Resource Management's 2016 Employee Job Satisfaction Report

One face to face communication is more successful than 34 emails exchanged back and forth - Business Harvard Review

The 2019 State of the digital workplace report found that 70% of remote employees felt left out of the workplace - State of Digital Workplace, 2019


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Our Workshops

We have developed key strategies to building high-performing, self-managing teams and create high quality connections between people. At the core of these strategies is ensuring that all people’s strengths are meaningfully aligned towards a shared vision, and creating platforms that help people take accountability for their own and others’ wellbeing and performance.

Our Workshops: 

  • Working Better Together
  • Optimising Time & Energy
  • Team Accelerator
  • Overcoming Challenges Together
  • Team Flow
  • Strengthening Team Relationships
  • Growth Mindset & Teams
  • Digitisation & Teams
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At Bailey & French we work across many private and public organisations, with a focus on supporting people to be connected and resilient. Download the case studies below to find out about some of the workshops we have delivered!


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