Our Work With Local Government

We have supported many local governmental organisations, with a focus on supporting people to be connected and resilient as well as high-performing. We create platforms for empowerment and shared learning in various formats;

  • Connecting clerks from across various councils to network and generate ideas for strengthening wellbeing
  • Inclusive virtual workshops for all people across a council to contribute to and help shape the organisational strategy for 2020 and beyond
  • Bringing together a shared services HR advisory team across two different councils to develop a positive approach to supporting performance & wellbeing
  • Upskilling people across the council to be able to give motivating strengths-based feedback and strengthen their own and others' resilience and psychological capital
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Find out more about some of our clients

At Bailey & French we work across many Local Government organisations, with a focus on supporting people to be connected and resilient. Click on the logo's below to find out about some of the workshops we have delivered and how we've been able to help improve their wellbeing, resilience and much more.

The Impact of Positive Wellbeing

We understand the vital importance of keeping people connected in times of remote working and hybrid teams. The lack of spontaneous conversations can lead people to feeling increasingly distant and alone. Managers can also feel less confident about supporting their team's mental health and performance amidst the shifts in ways of working. Overall, building a strategy of an uncertain future that meets everyone's diverse needs across the council can seem daunting.

By placing wellbeing at the heart of our conversations around culture, performance and strategy, we strengthen wellbeing for all.

People with high levels of wellbeing are more than 2x as likely to say they adapt well to change and have a 41% lower sickness absence as a result of poor health.

Chronic loneliness has cost employers around £2.5 billion a year owing to its effect on health, productivity and increased staff turnover - The Economics Foundation

One face to face communication is more successful than 34 emails exchanged back and forth - Business Harvard Review


Our Solutions

Performance & Wellbeing

Using the latest research, we take a strategic, positive approach to performance and wellbeing culture. A key way to do this is through providing safe, non-judgemental platforms for all people to have the right conversations that empower them to thrive and support others to do the same

Relationships & Team

A network of strong, positive relationships, and teams that can self-manage to some degree are becoming vital to an organisations success. We have developed key strategies to building high-performing, self-managing teams and create high quality connections between people.

Developing Leaders

Our Leadership Development solutions offer maximum impact for minimum investment by focusing on developing the foundational Emotional Intelligence leaders need across three core areas: Leading Self, Leading Others and Leading the Organisation. With a “strengths” focus as the backbone of our leadership development programmes, we help leaders to unlock their own and others’ rich potential for peak performance and flourishing and thriving at work.

Organisational Resilience

We offer a range of interventions, from self-facilitating tools, to capability development to large-scale organisational resilience programmes. All of which aim to strengthen networks, promote personal accountability and nurture a learning community within the organisation. We work closely with our clients, getting to know organisational strengths and challenges and tailoring solutions to meet their needs and ensure sustainable impact.

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Make A Change Now

We have a number of resources you can download that are designed to support your Performance & Wellbeing.

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