Our Work with The Civil Service

We have been working across all Government Departments, Agencies and Arms-Length Bodies (ALBs). Through various programmes, we have supported individuals, teams and leaders to be more resilient, connected and high-performing. We do this by creating the opportunity for meaningful conversations around wellbeing, high-performing teams and leading in a virtual world.

In 2018, we introduced Wellbeing Confident Leaders (WCL) as part of learning and development training for Senior Civil Servants and to date over 80% of Senior Civil Servants have received the training. This was in response to the recommendations from the Farmer/Stevenson Report ‘Thriving at Work’ which identified crucial insights into the number of days lost to mental ill-health and the requirement for a more proactive approach to wellbeing. A key part of this report was the identified need for everyone to have the knowledge, tools and confidence, to understand and look after their mental health and the mental health of those around them.

From the success of WCL, we partnered with CSLA and designed the next phase - Civil Service Teaming. Civil Service Teaming comprises a variety of modules which help teams have meaningful conversations, build relationships and a sense of awareness around their teams’ performance.

Teaming means coming together as a team and working towards a common goal. All CS Teaming modules help to strengthen relationships within teams, supporting both performance and wellbeing. 


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At Bailey & French we have worked extensively across all Government Departments, Agencies and Arms-Length Bodies (ALBs). See our case studies below to understand how we've been able to help improve wellbeing, relationships, teams and much more.



The Impact of Positive Wellbeing

We understand the vital importance of keeping people connected and feeling supported in times of remote working and hybrid teams. Many managers can also feel less confident about supporting their teams mental health and leading in a virtual world.

By placing wellbeing at the heart of our conversations around culture, performance and strategy, we strengthen wellbeing for all.

For every £1 spent by employers on mental health interventions, such as the PERMA modules supporting proactive wellbeing, they get £5 back in reduced absence, presenteeism and staff turnover - Deloitte, 2020

People with high levels of wellbeing are more than 2x as likely to say they adapt well to change and have a 41% lower sickness absence as a result of poor health - Gallup, 2012


Our Solutions

Performance & Wellbeing

Using the latest research, we take a strategic, positive approach to performance and wellbeing culture. A key way to do this is through providing safe, non-judgmental platforms for all people to have the right conversations that empower them to thrive and support others to do the same.

Our PERMA+R workshops are an opportunity to learn and develop the skills to support our own and others positive wellbeing, develop a deeper understanding of each of the pillars of PERMA+R and identify clear actions that strengthen personal / team wellbeing.

Our PERMA+R and Wellbeing Check-In products are now available. You can find out more about PERMA+R here and the Wellbeing Check-In here, or get in contact to book.

Relationships & Team

A network of strong, positive relationships, and teams that can self-manage to some degree are becoming vital to an organisations success. We have developed key strategies to building high-performing, self-managing teams and create high quality connections between people.

Civil Service Teaming is a team-based intervention that emerged due to the appetite for strengthening relationships both within sub-teams and departmentally. This model has incorporated the Civil Service inclusion model.

Civil Service Teaming is now available, you can find out more about it here, or get in contact to book.

Developing Leaders

Our Leadership Development solutions offer maximum impact for minimum investment by focusing on developing the foundational Emotional Intelligence leaders need across three core areas: Leading Self, Leading Others and Leading the Organisation. Leading Teams Virtually. With a “strengths” focus as the backbone of our leadership development programmes, we help leaders to unlock their own and others’ rich potential for peak performance and flourishing and thriving at work.

Our Leading Teams Virtually and Wellbeing Confident Leaders products are now available. You can find out more about it here, or get in contact to book.

Organisational Resilience

We are part of the new Civil Service Learning 2020 supplier framework to provide bespoke learning programmes and coaching to Civil Service departments and would love to discuss your requirements with you.  We also have a range of learning solutions available through the new Commodities platform as well as through the Core Curriculum.  Get in touch here for further information. We also provide OD Consultancy and Support through the PSR Framework Contract to all departments of the Civil Service.

You can also buy self-facilitating tools including Conversation Mats, Discussion Cards and notebooks here.

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We have a number of resources you can download that are designed to support your Performance & Wellbeing.