Our Work with Blue Light Services

Emergency service staff and those working within Blue Light Services operate in particularly unique and challenging work environments. We have worked extensively with College of Policing, and Oscar Kilo the National Police Wellbeing Service helping to support wellbeing across all forces.

This was done in line with the Blue Light Framework, which highlighted the unique needs of emergency services, as well as the focus and commitment required, particularly in relation to emotional and psychological support.

Our work in Blue Light services evolved particularly due to COVID-19, with police forces under significant pressure to enforce new laws and understand new policy and legislation, as well as tasked with handling significant societal movements.



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Find out more about some of our clients

At Bailey & French we have worked extensively with College of Policing helping to support their wellbeing across all UK forces. See our case story below to understand how we've been able to help improve their wellbeing, resilience and much more.


The Impact of Positive Wellbeing

We understand the importance of building resilience and supporting wellbeing within the Blue Light Services. In recent times Blue Light Services have been under significant pressure to enforce new laws and understand new policies and legislation, as well as tasked with handling significant societal movements. With a heavy workload and pressure, people working within the Blue Light Services find it hard to focus on mental health and wellbeing.

"Poor mental health costs UK employers up to £45 billion each year. This is a rise of 16% since 2016 - an extra £6 billion a year. For every £1 spent by employers on mental health interventions they get £5 back in reduced absence, presenteeism and staff turnover" - Deloitte, 2020

"Wellness programs can help increase employee engagement. Companies with engaged employees report 37% lower absenteeism levels, up to 65% lower employee turnover,  10% higher customer satisfaction; 21% higher productivity" - Gallup, 2013


Our Solutions

Performance & Wellbeing

Using the latest research, we take a strategic, positive approach to performance and wellbeing culture. A key way to do this is through providing safe, non-judgmental platforms for all people to have the right conversations that empower them to thrive and support others to do the same.

Relationships & Team

A network of strong, positive relationships, and teams that can self-manage to some degree are becoming vital to an organisations success. We have developed key strategies to building high-performing, self-managing teams and create high quality connections between people.

Developing Leaders

Our Leadership Development solutions offer maximum impact for minimum investment by focusing on developing the foundational Emotional Intelligence leaders need across three core areas: Leading Self, Leading Others and Leading the Organisation. With a “strengths” focus as the backbone of our leadership development programmes, we help leaders to unlock their own and others’ rich potential for peak performance and flourishing and thriving at work.

Organisational Resilience

We offer a range of interventions, from self-facilitating tools, to capability development to large-scale organisational resilience programmes. All of which aim to strengthen networks, promote personal accountability and nurture a learning community within the organisation. We work closely with our clients, getting to know organisational strengths and challenges and tailoring solutions to meet their needs and ensure sustainable impact.

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