Organisational Resilience

People can become weary of continuous change and transformation programmes requiring higher cognitive load to remain responsive and agile through challenges and losing sight of the big picture vision.

Cultural evolution is a more respectful approach to shifting mindsets, behaviours and improving ways of working,  it centers on us. Culture after all is not a 'thing', it’s our people, us, choosing to grow and learn with organisations as part of lifelong learning.

Our solutions are inclusive across large populations with tools that are instantly scalable, igniting growth with platforms that welcome everyone to learn and grow together collaboratively increasing accountability amongst everyone.

This develops sustainable organisational performance and resilience without over reliance on high performers and middle managers who are often the most stressed and overworked.

Resilience is associated with greater job satisfaction, work happiness, organisational commitment and employee engagement - Management Science, 2015

Companies and organisations with higher than average levels of employee engagement saw 27% higher profits, and 38% above average productivity - Clear Channel, 2019


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Our Workshops

The importance of building a resilient organisation is well-known, but the route to which this is achieved can be multi-layered, complex and time-consuming. In order to achieve resilience of an organisation, one has to understand that it takes expertise of the end-to-end process – through diagnosis of the wellbeing and performance culture as it stands through to embedding learning that is both sustainable and will support evolution of culture.

All organisations are different and have their unique challenges - we offer bespoke and scalable solutions that take into consideration your organisations unique characteristics whilst keeping things simple and outcomes-focused for maximum impact and return on investment.

Our Workshops:

  • Performance Motivation Pulse Check
  • Wellbeing Culture Pulse Check
  • Resilience & Neuroscience of Stress
  • Organisational Resilience & Effectiveness Consultancy
  • Strengths Coaching
  • HR Deep Dive
  • Conferences
  • Speaking Events
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