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Our tools are designed to be the most practicaleveryday learning tools that keep a human focus at work. Our tools are based on great conversationsmicro-actions and reflective learning that fit into our everyday work without any distraction. They help us to remember we can be our best more often for great performance and great wellbeing to face whatever challenges may lay ahead.

We know that verbalising our thoughts in dialogue greatly enhances our emotional intelligence at all levels, reflecting regularly and in the moment keeps our learning continuous and bite-size actions add up to big growth for us and people around us. With these concepts in mind we are continuously giving our clients the simplest tools to equip people to keep learning alive and evolve culture at its most rapid pace.

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Self Facilitating

Easy for anyone to use or facilitate, our tools bring insights from Positive Psychology theory to life, empowering individuals and teams to be their best. Each is designed as a platform for people to learn and growtake accountability for their own and others’ wellbeing and performance, and develop new positive habits of behaviour. They are suitable for everyone, at every level, in every organisation, market or industry.

Our tools help to build internal confidence and capability to evolve culture, making them an affordable solution for organisations with tight budgets. Each tool is designed to support learning and development using self-facilitating platforms, rather than traditional training, making them easily scalable across large and/or geographically diverse organisations.

Simple to purchase online, our varied learning tools are a convenient way to trial new approaches to support people to flourish and thrive.


Each of the tools above focuses on helping people flourish and thrive in work and life. They are themed around three core areas:

1) Strengths
These tools help us explore the things that we really enjoy and excel at. By understanding and using our strengths, we not only work more efficiently and effectively, but are more engaged and achieve more.

2) Performance Motivation
These tools support us to positively motivate performance by focusing on six key areas, proven to be the most important to people at work – Respect, Clarity, Strengths, Praise, Growth and Empowerment.

3) Wellbeing
Stress and mental ill-health are issues for many organisations. These tools open thinking and conversations around individual and team wellbeing and empower us to take responsibility for our own health and happiness.

Who needs our tools?

• People who would like to move past personal barriers to wellbeing and peak performance

• Teams who would benefit from more regular, positive opportunities to connect

• Managers who want to open up positive, impactful conversations with individual team members and whole teams

• Learning & Development and People Teams who are looking for reliable, simple ways to evolve their organisation’s culture


Conversation Mats

• Help teams/leaders tackle often difficult subjects in a non-judgemental way that makes the whole group comfortable enough to get involved

• Builds relationships and learning communities within and across teams, while nurturing an accountable mindset

• Provides a ‘pulse-check’ diagnosis of engagement and detailed data to inform organisational development strategies

• Takes around two hours to complete and can be done in any space – only needs a table, pens and participants

• Designed to enhance all 4 areas of the Emotional Intelligence model



• Packed with interactive activities, reflection questions and practical micro-actions

• Support individuals to reflect on how they can take action to strengthen their wellbeing andperformance on a daily basis

• Encourage teams to collaborate regularly to develop their team performance

• Incorporate learning naturally into day-to-day activities and provides further tools and ideas topositively impact performance



• Each card has one discussion question to use in teams, pairs or individually

• Easy-to-use for starting meaningful conversations about the things that positively impact wellbeing and performance

• Can be used (and reused) flexibly, for a wide range of conversations such as at the start of meetings, or in 1-2-1s