We empower people to be motivated to perform

Our Performance solutions focus on motivating performance as opposed to simply managing it. We provide safe, non-judgemental platforms for people to have the right conversations that motivate them to perform at their best.

Our pioneering approach helps us to create a great performance culture by fundamentally shifting the tone of the conversations. We focus on the foundations for positive Performance: Respect, Clarity, Strengths, Praise, Growth and Empowerment.

We empower and enable managers to be confident and successful when they are addressing performance. By focusing on areas of strengths, and discussing deeper motivations, it is possible to change traditional performance management conversations into positive, human conversations that people actually want to have. This is the key to shifting from performance management to performance motivation and empowering people to be their best.

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Who needs support with Performance Motivation?

• Managers lacking the confidence and skills to have motivating performance conversations.

• Teams who need to collaborate more effectively and take more accountability for their performance.

• People and organisations who want to go beyond the traditional ‘climbing the ladder’ view of career progression.

• Anyone who feels overloaded and finds it hard to be strategic and prioritise.

• People and organisations who want to evolve out-dated performance practices.

What are the benefits?

• Shift towards a positive performance culture that engages and motivates the workforce

• Empower managers and give them skills to address performance issues effectively

• Increase collaboration and “buy in” to team goals

• Develop performance goals that align organisational values and individual strengths

Case Study: Performance

Angie, a Learning & Development Director, was looking for help to develop strategy for talent and performance management.

Applying Bailey & French's approach resulted in a breath of life into the people. A new culture of positive conversations, combined with collaboration resulted in a more agile way of working with a focus on positive performance on all levels.

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