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Our experts bring solutions to all market sectors and all types of organisations. We can help wherever there are humans at work.

Our people solutions are designed to empower people to be themselves and be their best.

We bring our unique approach to the issues of recruitment, leadership, performance motivation, wellbeing, team effectiveness and strengths development to empower people to perform and thrive.

We work at the leading edge of applied Positive Psychology research to create evidence-based solutions for our clients. From simple self-facilitating tools for anyone to use, to fully facilitated programmes of work, we partner with our clients to work with their individual business needs, budgets and time constraints.

Flexible and convenient, our solutions align with ease to existing approaches and can complement other initiatives. They are easily scalable for large organisations and for teams spread out geographically across the UK or globally.

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Answer some simple questions to find out how Bailey and French can help you

We understand the challenge of choosing from ever-evolving options for bringing out the best in our people and organisations.

We know that decision-makers need to be sure that they are investing in the right choice for their organisation.

We’ve designed some simple questions that will offer a basic diagnosis of where you are right now and what your organisation needs to progress positively.

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We empower great performance

Is your organisation managing performance or motivating it?
Traditional performance management focuses on developing our areas of weakness, which can actually decrease performance.

It is usually a negative experience for individuals, so managers avoid it, and HR/People teams get bogged down in policing a process. Improvements to performance management processes typically focus on asking people to have more frequent conversations and take accountability for their development. Asking people to do so with conversations they already avoid once a year?  No wonder new performance approaches aren’t working.

Our pioneering approach helps your organisation to create a great performance culture by fundamentally shifting the tone of the conversations. We empower and enable managers to be confident and successful when they are addressing performance.

By focusing on areas of strengths, and discussing deeper motivations, it is possible to change traditional performance management conversations into positive, human conversations that people actually want to have. This is the key to shifting from performance management to performance motivation.

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We empower people to use their strengths everyday

We passionately promote the value of organisations that nurture and harness the “strengths” of their people. Positive Psychology has revealed the powerful impact that “playing to strengths” has on the individual and team performance and wellbeing.

We use proven training methods to give people the skills to discover, understand and use their strengths to allow them to perform at a whole new level.

Regardless of the seniority of the person, we can give them the tools, skills and, most importantly, the self-belief and confidence they need to do great things for themselves, their teams and their organisations.

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We empower personal accountability for wellbeing

Wellbeing is a lot more than healthy snacks and yoga.

At Bailey & French, we empower people to take personal responsibility for psychological wellbeing in order to flourish and thrive in all aspects of their lives.
Wellbeing is a now a significant focus for organisations and yet there is still seemingly little on offer beyond physical health programmes and support for mental ill-health.

We use the latest research from Positive Psychology to base our solutions on what really affects our wellbeing at work and beyond. Critical to these new findings, we now know that we can learn skills that will help us build that positive wellbeing to better face the life challenges that we all experience.

We work at the heart of this topic to truly push beyond treating the symptoms of a negative work environment with standard employee engagement initiatives. Our focus is far more ambitious as we work to help people flourish and thrive in the work they do every day.

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We empower people to lead others

Many leadership development programmes offer skills training, concepts and theories, but don’t meaningfully enhance the quality of leadership within organisations. Successful organisations need to go deeper, and nurture leaders who are authentic, confident and skilled to help those around them to thrive and perform at their best.

Our solutions build understanding and skills in three core areas:

  • Leading Self
  • Leading Others
  • Leading the Organisation

Foundational to each of these areas is a deep understanding of how to motivate self and others with a strengths-focused leadership approach.

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We empower people to be their best, together

Ultimately, we are passionate about supporting self-managing teams, who take accountability for their own wellbeing and performance.

Whether a team self-manages a little or a lot, this reduces over-reliance on middle managers who often experience the most stress and disengagement in organisations. It’s vital that people know how to be their best selves at work, not just individually but also to work and thrive together.

Combining a “strengths” focus with a simple model of Emotional Intelligence, we help team members to develop self and other awareness, leading to cohesive and successful teams.

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Empowering tools that create platforms for positive conversations and embedding learning

We’ve designed simple and practical tools that anyone can pick up and use. As they are self-facilitating and easily scalable, they can be used to make a rapid, positive impact across an organisation.

Each of our tools is developed to support the practical application of Positive Psychology theory and create platforms for people to learn and grow together.

They can be purchased separately with user guides where needed and our clients often find it convenient to trial them with a pilot team.

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