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Human Connection

Due to the pandemic, almost everyone has had to adapt to a new way of working. This presents significant challenges for us as individuals, teams and organisations. Working remotely can have it’s benefits, but also risks the loss of human connection and lack of opportunity to build high-quality relationships. It’s important for us to consider how well our teams are set up to cope with the changes to our ways of working. But how can we do this?

Using a simple question activity can help you better work with one another, through understanding how individuals play a role within a team and how the team can best come together.

The pace of change in teams and organisations is rapid, so these questions should be used regularly to review how change affects us and help us to strategically and proactively stay on track.

Answer the questions below individually and through a group discussion:

1. I am respected and valued for what I bring to the team
2. I have clarity of what is expected of me
3. I feel able to stretch and grow as a person and in my role
4. We have collective goals which we work together on
5. We know what motivates us and consistently focus on this
6. We nurture respectful relationships in our team

The questions are intended to provide a springboard for a further conversation within the team, exploring where there are similarities and differences, and what actions the team can take to improve the conditions for everyone, as we adapt to new ways of working.