Teams are more diverse and dispersed than ever before and whilst some organisations have shifted well to new ways of working, for others it is costing millions. For an average company of 3,500 employees latest data shows it could be costing upwards of £24m due to poor health and productivity. Not to mention the lost potential revenue from opportunities due to slow decisions, minimum collaboration, and lack of adaptability.

The latest research on team performance and wellbeing supports more ‘human’ ways of working, improving all aspects of the team’s experience by creating an environment where people feel able to be themselves and feel valued, be aligned to a great purpose and feel meaningfully connected to those they work with.

This is known as TeamFlow.



The TeamFlow Programme

The TeamFlow programme is designed for any team or team leader at any level but can be especially powerful for teams where continuous innovation and collaboration is centered around the customer experience.

Team flow is a blended learning programme designed specifically for teams. The programme can increase in scale and reach to the whole organisation through developing internal capability and with access to pioneering learning resources.

Foundation Modules: Self directed online learning through our partner FutureLearn consisting of videos, articles, quizzes and activities alongside discussion forums for social learning.

Virtual facilitated workshops: Skill development using new tools and techniques together that not only equip individuals but build confidence in practicing new skills.

Coaching included: 121 coaching for team leaders to apply TeamFlow tools and techniques within their team.

Online resources included: Access to a full toolkit used throughout all skill development workshops. An online reflective workbook to complete independently online or print. Micro actions/nudges to help remind and refresh learning over time.


Key Learning Outcomes


- Increased evidence-based knowledge of how to improve performance and wellbeing through TeamFlow conditions.

- Develop skills in establishing separation within a team, how to align with others in a team and how to build cohesion within a team.

- How to use tools and techniques in all 9 conditions of TeamFlow for personal and team development in every day ways of working.

- Team Leaders learn how to coach their team and individuals within their team to increase performance and wellbeing through TeamFlow resources and skills.

- Individuals will know which tools to use to develop conditions of TeamFlow and the have the confidence to use those tools effectively for themselves and others.