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Bailey & French are different to other service providers in the market as we really focus on what we know will get the best results in supporting a human approach to learning and we don’t do anything else. You won’t see any Kubler Ross change curve here nor Belbin team roles. We use the latest, most innovative methods and techniques that our clients love and feel fit their own human values.

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Our approach is truly diverse because it celebrates the unique and wonderful differences we all have, abandoning the need to put people into boxes for their self awareness and growth. Similarly, we don’t do anonymous online 360-degree feedback or Employee engagement Surveys, instead our approach supports our clients to take a more human approach that we know is “simple, yet profound”. People have awakening experiences with us where our client see, hear and feel the difference we create immediately. Cultural evolution through learning in this way can happen instantly, it doesn’t need to take 5-7 years.

Fundamentally, we get results for our clients. Bailey and French clients come back. They see real improvements in performance and they come back for more.

We are experts in the science of Positive Psychology and, crucially, we can apply the science to get results. We understand commercial context and the importance of relevant training that delivers real value to our clients. Our solutions are just that, bespoke solutions designed to solve problems for our clients.

Our clients get what they are looking for from our training. Real results. Lasting change. They report improvements across their organisations in relation to performance, confidence, performance management, wellbeing, personal responsibility, etc.


Together with our clients, we are committed to making the world of work a better place.

We don’t believe that work is just something to pay the bills. It can create purpose in our lives, connect us with others, and provide daily opportunities to learn and grow. We help individuals find and ‘craft’ their roles to do more of what they love and make organisations more successful.

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We empower people to be their best.

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