We work across both the public and private sectors to bring positive change to organisations at every level.

Private Sector

We cultivate strengths-based organisations capable of attracting and keeping the right people. We enable organisations to work with their people to create high levels of productivity and innovation and prevent workplace grievances. Our aim is to positively contribute to the evolution of cultures within private organisations so that people don’t just see their work as a means to an end, but as a significant part of their own greater purpose.

Traditionally organisations use a broad range of options to make people feel more secure, such as health benefits and office perks. However, data reveals that this rarely correlates with engagement and happiness levels.

By having the right conversations that spark self-awareness, giving people the opportunity to learn the right skills and embedding learning, we can empower people to be the best they can be and achieve things they never envisioned possible.

Our efficient, professional, savvy people understand commercial demands. Clients get the cost-effectivescalableself-facilitating tools they need and quickly see return on their investment.

Our solutions ensure internal capability to sustain and embed learning in the organisation over time. We are continually introducing new cutting-edge products and services in tune with clients’ needs and continually evolving these to give clients competitive advantage.

Public Sector

Public sector reform has been on the agenda for a while now, encouraging new structures across sectors that will radically transform the organisational operating model while identifying inefficiencies and implementing innovative technologies.

However, this places more pressure on an already stretched public service implement cost cutting initiatives while maintaining a high-quality service for communities. In our experience this can leave public sector organisations in desperate need of reasonablescalable people solutions.

Our experts work with organisations that require reform while focusing on performance and wellbeing. We help to empower a vision that connects the strengths and skills of everyone in the organisation to the larger purpose.


Help people thrive so that they are at their best and deliver great results.

We empower high performing cohesive teams by:

• Enabling people to recognise and respect the value of the team members
• Inspiring a diverse and inclusive approach that gets the best creative and innovative outcomes
• Ensuring clarity of focus on team outcomes
• Teaching the skills to motivate each other through regular honest and open feedback
• Establishing a positive performance culture that feels collective and supported

Learning & Development

Our approach empowers those we work with in Learning & Development to develop their own internal capability which means our client has more ability to sustain and embed all learning over time.

We use trailable products to allow our clients to experience their effectiveness for themselves and to further influence other stakeholders.

We equip our clients with the skills and tools to blend our products with existing organisational resources to keep client costs low and to ensure that learning is established and continues long after we leave.

We deliver regular bitesize learning that minimises time out of work.

Our work is based on recent evidence based research. We bring something new and exciting with our cutting-edge approach that makes our training more innovative and exciting for our clients than old traditional approaches.

We recognise the importance of blending experience with the enthusiasm of the newest entrants to the field of psychology. We hire the best of new graduates to bring our clients highly motivatedfresh thinking input and to ensure that we are constantly challenging ourselves to embrace new ideas and the latest innovations.

HR & People Teams

We deliver targetedeffective solutions for HR and People teams to enable them to support a flourishing and thriving workforce.

Our approach is designed to:

• Deliver exactly what our clients need by working with them to design tailor-made solutions
• Reduce levels of sickness absencestress and burnout
• Reduce likelihood of grievance proceedings and tribunals
• Keep costs per person low and get more people through the learning to have a more rapid impact on the organisation overall
• Provide tools designed to be easy to use and easy to introduce to the organisation
• Empower people to be more autonomous for performance and wellbeing and reduce over-reliance on manager populations
• Complement the client’s existing strategies, challenges and processes, keeping upfront influencing to a minimum

People Managers

Our approach empowers and enables managers to be great leaders. Our solutions:

• Remove pressure from middle management by giving them the skills and confidence to delegate and encourage people to take more accountability for performance and wellbeing
• Empower line-managers to deal with challenging situations before they escalate
• Enhance the quality of people motivation skills
• Implement a strengths-based approach to management
• Develop managers’ self-awareness
• Build high-performing teams
• Support managers to lead positively through change


Not all leaders are born. Our approach gives people the self-belief and skills to be great leaders who can:

• Instil a performance culture that liberates CEO’s to focus on their own job by empowering and engaging their executives
• Evolve the culture of the organisation to achieve real “buy in” to business goals from people across the organisation
Inspire trustaccountability and commitment

Organisational Solutions

We believe in the value of work beyond the pay cheque. We build organisations that succeed through the greatness of their people. Our approach:

• Promotes a fully engaged and unified workforce that are bought in to the organisation’s goals
• Cultivates a positive culture that drives high performance by making it possible for people to flourish and thrive
• Ensures processes are in place to sustain positive changes
• Builds organisations managed by effective, confident leaders, where people take responsibility for their own performance and wellbeing
• Delivers systems and processes in performance management designed to encourage people to thrive at work