Empowering people to work in a new service approach through role crafting aligned with values and a new strategy. Supporting a move from functional model to consultant service model. Re-energising talent management approach and providing People Management skill-development.
Restructuring to bring people from across different areas of the business into newly formed functions. This included work on team dynamics, personal effectiveness, strategy and vision of functions and management skills training.
Helping to develop a new strategy – focusing on people rather than functional capability in order to expand. Developing organisational processes driven by growth.
Cultural evolution and brand differentiation focusing on taking a more human approach to the legal profession. Leadership development sessions, management skills training and role crafting to look at how we can develop the profession and work more authentically.
Transformation of global brand and all aspects of candidate experience, through innovation of recruitment process, co-creation of training content, consultancy and Train-the-trainer.
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Personal effectiveness and profession development training to create a more resilient frontline. Leadership Development and Management Skills train-the-trainers to evolve culture around Police wellbeing and resilience.
Personal effectiveness work focusing on how to use strengths in roles and take more accountability moving forward. Coaching workshops and 1-2-1 coaching, support cultural evolution and new recruitment processes. Consultancy around a new performance management model and system, leading to a change of operating model and complete rebranding.
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One of the largest leadership development programmes across the Civil Service; covering over 73% of SCS. Empowering senior leaders to be confident about Wellbeing and evolving cultures in departments and agencies. A combination of event facilitation, Leadership development and train-the-trainers.
Developing the midwifery profession through personal effectiveness training on patient care. Work driven by the midwifery council.
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Evolution of talent management strategy through team development, Leadership development, coaching workshops and Executive coaching.
Enhancing functions (such as customer-facing) through innovation of recruitment process, development of entire employee lifecycle and Leadership development across various levels and across the business.
Systems leadership development for community leaders in cities across the world.