Team Motivators

Purpose and meaningful connection are part of the alignment that enables teams to create and experience ‘flow’ together.

On a team level, having a common purpose helps us pull together to achieve our goals and focus on our outcomes and collective ambitions. Finding meaning at a group level through feeling our collective work is worthwhile, important and valuable, has positive links to performance.

Shaping a shared purpose in which we can all individually find meaning contributes to team flow, as does forging meaningful connections and conversations between individual team members.

The Benefits of Unique Contribution

Purpose is core to wellbeing, motivation and productivity. Our wellbeing is higher if we feel a meaningful connection to what we do, feeling that our day-to-day activity is serving a greater purpose, beyond ourselves and often beyond simply making profit.

Finding meaning and purpose through work contributes to psychological wellbeing, with studies finding people with a stronger sense of purpose are happier and less likely to experience stress, anxiety and depression. It’s about feeling that we belong to something bigger than ourselves.