On Track

Staying on track as a team is critical to achievement of overall outcomes and requires regular monitoring.

This monitoring needs to go beyond simply checking our to do lists, but to the heart of managing our energy towards our work and continually reassessing and reviewing realistic team goals and outcomes.

As humans we know that even if all our motivations align we might have an “off day” so we can only create the conditions to work well and achieve flow ourselves or collectively with our team. Allowing for variance in staying on track and setting realistic timelines in our plans is more human and sustainable long term.

Staying on track together is as much about allowing for the natural ebb and flow of our whole lives as it is about meeting the goals we set ourselves and expectations for the organisation overall.

The Benefits of Staying On Track

Regularly monitoring our performance and wellbeing means we will sustain a good level of wellbeing over time rather than waiting for something to be wrong before we attend to it.

Being proactive rather than having to fix someone’s performance or wellbeing reduces sickness and turnover and promotes higher levels of them meaning people are able to thrive rather than just survive.