Supporting the NHS to Flourish and Thrive

Supporting the NHS to Flourish and Thrive

Many NHS workers are experiencing burn out, with 38.4% having felt unwell recently due to work related stress. This is not surprising, as people are being required to work incredibly hard, but with less resource and less budget. There are massive implications around the cost of this issue to the health, happiness and performance of people working in the NHS. Turnover is high, camaraderie is low, and the quality of care for patients in the UK is in jeopardy.

At Bailey & French, we’re committed to helping the NHS create the cultural conditions that empowers NHS workers to be their best, so they can continue to give their best for patients.
We have simple, affordable tools and workshops that are designed to conveniently align with any other current initiatives and interventions. The support we offer the NHS is themed around three areas:

A wellbeing focus is urgent but people within NHS trusts are not always clear how to address this meaningfully, sustainably and in a scalable way. We take a proactive, preventative approach to embedding wellbeing into the culture of the organisation, using the PERMA model which gives us a simple, powerful way of defining and understanding wellbeing and supporting everyone to take accountability for their own and others’ psychological wellbeing day to day.

In some NHS trusts, the performance appraisals process can be seen as a tick-box exercise and the low engagement with performance appraisal process leads to poorer performance, and poorer manager-employee relations. We help shift the tone around performance conversations, so they become conversations that people want to have, and that meaningfully and successfully motivate people to be their best.

There is often a lack of willingness amongst people to embrace change which means cultural evolution within trusts can be frustratingly slow. Our training modules give NHS leaders the tools and skills they needs to create an accountable solutions-focused mindset across their trust, building a connected learning community that accelerates positive cultural evolution.

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