The Welfare of the Clergy is vital to the Church of England

The Welfare of the Clergy is vital to the Church of England

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It’s clear we need to provide awareness, knowledge, and support to help direct our people at crisis points where they may be suffering from mental ill health. However, whilst this is important, we also need to be more strategic overall, and give people the platforms to take accountability for their own and others’ wellbeing in a positive way.

Generally, many organisations have a lack of clarity about how best to achieve this. Hence, many wellbeing programmes focus simply on physical health and mental illness- meaning that no one really gains the knowledge and skills to manage their own day-to-day psychological wellbeing. So, what options do we have if we really want to improve- and sustain- wellbeing now and into the future?

At a recent General Synod in July, a report from the House of Clergy referred to the impact of stress, loneliness and isolation on Clergy’s working and personal lives. Evidence reveals that loneliness can reduce life longevity by a significant 70%. This equates to smoking 15 cigarettes a day and can dramatically increase the risk of burnout, stroke and heart disease.

Recent research has also shown that 47% of Clergy feel frustrated when attempting to accomplish work tasks, more than two fifths (44%) feel drained when fulfilling their ministry roles and more than a third (38%) report daily fatigue and irritation.

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Our Clergy should be THRIVING not just surviving



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