Self-Managing Teams Seminar: Strengths Based Team Discussions for Performance and Wellbeing

Alex Bailey BSc MSc MBPsS CPP

Leader, Bailey & French Ltd

01273 830832

Alex is a pioneer of Applied Positive Psychology and Strengths Based Working in the UK and Internationally. She has a particular focus on Positive Psychological Wellbeing and offers a futuristic perspective on this for the world of work.  She has been designing and delivering large scale cultural evolution programmes that feel human and have immediate positive impact for over 15 years across all organisation types, sizes, markets and industries.  Alex regularly shares success stories and methods at CIPD conferences, Seminars and Guest Lectures at University of Brighton and Edinburgh, London School of Economics, Kings College on a range of Masters levels courses across HR and Business.

Sam Goode

Talent Acquisition Manager, Nando’s

Sam has spent the past 8 years working across HR specialisms and operational generalist roles in the hospitality industry. He spent much of his career to date at Whitbread working across their portfolio of brands including Premier Inn and Costa Coffee. He joined Nando’s just over 12 months ago as Talent Acquisition Manager.

Overview of Seminar – hosted by Badenoch & Clark

“Leading scientists believe that the future of work will be autocatalytic, self-organising, non-linear, and include adaptive systems – in other words, chaos, or complexity, theory – rather than Newtonian principles (Dolan 2003, Greenfield, 2015).”

Introduction – The Future of Work: Self Managing Teams & Strengths

The future of work conversations currently focus predominantly on digital/AI impacts on workforce, gender equality and greater wellbeing.

Lots of interventions still target leadership populations and place elevated levels of importance on the leader’s role and relationships with individuals in teams.  This is mainly based on research on Employee Engagement and what engages and therefore creates greater productivity.

But what if we aim for Wellbeing – thriving and flourishing beyond engagement, beyond work?

We need to do much more (HR Innovation Curve).

If we are placing greater accountability on individuals for their own performance and development as well as wellbeing, can we begin to consider greater movement towards self-managing teams?

Sam GoodeTalent Acquisition Manager at Nando’s: 

– Introducing Strengths-based conversations to enhance different stages of the employee experience – the journey Nando’s is on

– What challenges they faced at Nando’s, the approach Sam took and how he worked with his People Team colleagues to best incorporate Strengths

– The impact this has had and the learnings they have got so far

– What’s happened since and Sam’s view on what’s next

Alex Bailey:

Exploring the concept of Self-Managing Teams:

– Critical foundations, Benefits and limitations

– Immediate impact on collaboration and accountability

– Strengths as a foundation

The opportunity to experience a team strengths conversation tool with peers in table discussions and consider how this could support teams to develop a more self-managing approach. Find out more

Group Discussion: Common themes, similarities and differences across the whole group. Sharing our practical and applicable learning highlights to take back into our own organisations.

Further Networking opportunity

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