Our Approach


A positive approach to recruitment.

We manoeuvre positive placements that lead to growth on an individual, team and organisational levels.

At Bailey & French, we believe that people are the greatest asset or largest hinderance to organisational success. Bringing the right talent into teams and ensuring that long-term strategies are at the core of all recruitment processes results in growth for individuals, the teams they form and the organisation that they exist within.

Our work spans the entire lifecycle from attracting, recruiting and inducting the right people into the right roles, through to post-placement services such as performance motivation and leadership development.

Together, we create and motivate positive working environments where people feel comfortable and can make the most of their independent drive to achieve personal and organisational success. We aim for durable success for our candidates and clients, and it all starts with strategic placement.

    How We Work With Our Clients     

How We Work With Our Candidates

What Makes Us Different?

Playing to our Strengths: People who use their strengths at work achieve excellent results and love what they do. For this reason, our approach is guided by the strengths within our team. We believe in fundamental values such as respect, confidentiality, trust and honesty. On top of this, we pride ourselves in being brilliant at a few key areas that motivate us and benefit our clients.

Results Focus: It excites us to deliver excellent results. This makes us more productive and efficient because we focus on achieving specific outcomes, using our strengths and collaborating within our team and across our networks.

Strategy: We are passionate about making strategic connections between people, situations and information, to find the right path forward to achieve the desired outcomes. Each stage of our placement process is planned and executed in alignment with broader strategies that suit organisations and candidates.

Impact: We measure our performance through the positive impact we have on the lives of others, whether candidates or clients. We are motivated by helping our clients achieve financial success, as well as organisational development through the power of expanding the talent level. Our candidates benefit from targeted career progression and grow to increased levels of success.

Positivity: Positive emotions boost performance, innovation and build stronger relationships. We are a naturally positive team, enjoying our work and supporting our clients and candidates to do the same. We ensure that working with us is as enjoyable as it is beneficial; as well as offering post-placement services to promote and sustain a positive cultural evolution.

Knowledge: We love learning and get a buzz from being up to date with the latest market knowledge and relevant business and positive psychology research. This keeps our consultancy work cutting edge and ensures our recruitment clients can make extremely well-informed choices.

Our network: We pride ourselves on the network that we have built through our client organisations through to the relationships with our candidates, before and after placement. Our large and stable network is a credit to our efforts and approach to recruitment.


Together with our clients, we are committed to making the world of work a better place.

We don’t believe that work is just something to pay the bills. It can create purpose in our lives, connect us with others, and provide daily opportunities to learn and grow. We help individuals find and ‘craft’ their roles to do more of what they love and make organisations more successful.

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