Our clients 3

Our clients 3

Together with our clients, we are committed to making the world of work a better place.

We believe that work is more than something to pay the bills. It can create purpose in our lives, connect us with others, and provide daily opportunities to learn and grow. We help individuals flourish and thrive so that organisations become more successful.

Below you’ll find the details of some of the companies we’ve worked with, case stories of what we’ve done together and testimonials.

Whatever industry, structure or size, our solutions provide real impact that lasts.
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Who we work with

We work with what’s right with organisations rather than focusing on the negatives.


Hear what our clients have been saying about us..

"I attended a Bailey & French seminar and really warmed to the team. I felt confident in their knowledge and experience, and enjoyed how consultative their facilitation was – the content spoke for itself and allowed everyone to draw their own conclusions."

Rachael Yolland, WPM Education

"Before working with Bailey & French, I was feeling slightly unsure of myself as a leader as I had recently acquired a new, and very experienced and knowledgeable team. I was therefore apprehensive as I joined the Strengths Based Leadership programme along with 100 colleagues. Over the course of the three-month programme, my confidence and mindset completely shifted. Instead of giving us exact frameworks and processes to follow, Bailey & French introduced us to new concepts and principles which we could apply in our own ways."

Helen, Large UK Insurer

"After 20 years of trying to develop weaknesses, it’s refreshing to finally work with people that understand the value of strengths and the limitless possibilities that can be achieved."

Richard Harvey, Boundless

"I am very happy about the work we have done and the impact we have seen. I expect to see these trends continue and performance to further increase as we move forward. I would highly recommend Bailey & French as partners for any initiatives around cultural change, performance management and wellbeing."

Michael O’Loughlin, ABN AMRO

"Bailey & French have helped our People Managers take a more positive, refreshing approach to performance conversations. The results and feedback from the online workshops have been fantastic, showing improvements in manager confidence and higher team performance, with people saying the objective setting process has become more positive and meaningful."

Beenoy Seerathun, HR Officer, World Health Organisation

"The strengths-based approach that Bailey & French offered was really different, and the progressive and creative nature of how they worked really appealed to me. Culturally, too, they seemed a very good fit – everything they talked about aligned so clearly with what we were trying to do."

Angie Lemkes, Hall & Partners

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