We are a diverse team of coaches, facilitators, recruiters, trainers, actors and psychologists, all with a passion for fostering growth in ourselves and others.

We focus on working collaboratively, drawing together our skills, experience and strengths to create the best possible experience for our clients. Our team is currently growing, so please check back to see our newest additions.

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Alex Bailey Alex Bailey

With a traditional background in Occupational Psychology, Alex pioneered the first strengths-based performance programme to a UK organisation in 2004 and went on to scale this out in a global role to 27 countries and 65,000 people at Aviva.

Ever since then, she has been leading large scale, cultural evolution programmes for all sizes of organisations across all markets and industries.

Alex regularly speaks at conferences, seminars and guest lectures at Universities across the UK on humanising the future of work and is an Advisor to the leadership board of IPPA Work & Org Division.

Joshua French Joshua French

Joshua is a personal development expert, dedicated to helping people lead increasingly meaningful and rewarding lives.

A founder of Bailey & French, he has over 15 years’ experience creating and facilitating positive learning environments that accelerate personal and team growth.

Tom Bailey Tom Bailey

Tom oversees our whole B&F service and product offering, supporting our clients on legal, finance and operational aspects ensuring successful and seamless client experience throughout our programme lifecycle.

Tom enjoys finding creative ways to solve any issues as they arise and ensures the detail is accurate.

Grace Walsh Grace Walsh

Grace has 15 years’ experience supporting the whole employee lifecycle from recruitment, team development and leadership coaching.

With a BA in Applied Psychology and an MSc in Work and Organisational Psychology, Grace is skilled in applying psychology to solve business challenges across a wide range of industries here in the UK and internationally.

Megan Byrt Megan Byrt

With a BA in applied Psychology and an MSc in Business Psychology, Megan has over 5 years of experience working in assessment, learning and development across the government, consultancy, military, rail, retail, non-profit and arts sectors.

Her appetite for learning and variety extends to all corners of life, enabling her to gain more depth and understanding of the human condition.

Jonny Line Jonny Line

Jonny empowers people to understand their own version of success, and to find realistic and practical ways to reach it.

He has a BSc in Psychology and an MSc in Organisational Psychology and has recently completed innovative work on Psychological Capital – positively viewing situations, ourselves and success at work. The work uncovered how these learnable skills can strengthen positive wellbeing.

Dora Keresztes Dora Keresztes

As Operations Manager, Dora is highly driven and focused on offering brilliant organisation and support for Bailey & French and our clients.

Dora helps manage contracts, invoices and finances to ensure that everyone and everything is running smoothly.

Our Associates Our Associates

We have a global team of associates who support us to deliver Learning Solutions and Organisational Effectiveness Consultancy. They work with us across organisations of all sizes, in all industries, across the world.

We empower people to be their best.

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