We are a diverse team of coaches, facilitators, recruiters, trainers, actors and psychologists, all with a passion for fostering growth in ourselves and others.

We focus on working collaboratively, drawing together our skills, experience and strengths to create the best possible experience for our clients. Our team is currently growing, so please check back to see our newest additions.
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Alex Bailey Alex Bailey

CEO & Co-Founder

With a traditional background in Occupational Psychology, Alex pioneered the first strengths-based performance programme to a UK organisation in 2004 and went on to scale this out in a global role to 27 countries and 65,000 people at Aviva.

Alex now leads large scale, cultural evolution programmes for all sizes of organisations across all markets and industries, as well as regularly speaking at conferences, seminars and guest lectures across the UK on Humanising the World of Work

Tom Bailey Tom Bailey

Managing Director

Tom oversees our whole B&F service and product offering, supporting our clients on legal, finance and operational aspects ensuring successful and seamless client experience throughout our programme lifecycle.

Tom enjoys finding creative ways to solve any issues as they arise and ensures the detail is accurate.

Alan Pavey Alan Pavey

Director of Operations

Alan is a well-seasoned and experienced Operations and HR director with 25+ years’ experience within these combined fields.
Where most companies try to split their Operations and people based functions, Alan see’s them as intrinsically linked and vital for fast paced, accurate and accountable growth.

Alan loves process and systems, whilst still having a passionate focus on team wellbeing and performance. He Is accountable for all aspects of the B&F operations and people functions.

Alans Top 3 Strengths: Leadership, problem solving, people management

Dora Keresztes Dora Keresztes

Operations Manager

Dora is highly driven, has exceptional people skills and is focused on offering brilliant organisation and support for Bailey & French and our clients.

Dora helps manage contracts, invoices and finances to ensure that everyone and everything is running smoothly. She is also skilled at project management, booking in our workshops and making sure our faciliators and clients have everything we need.


Lauren Harding Lauren Harding

HR Officer

Lauren has an MSc with CIPD Level 7 in Human Resources Management, and aims to provide generalist HR support and guidance to all members of the Bailey & French team. Lauren also assists our CEO, Alex with administrative support.

She is passionate about supporting and listening to everyone on the team, and works closely with our team of 70+ Associates based worldwide.  Lauren is great at providing everyone on the team with clarity and always strives to keep updated and learn new skills to share with the team whenever possible.

Lauren’s top 3 strengths: Thoughtful, Kindness, Love of Learning.

Camilla Trigwell Camilla Trigwell

Marketing Manager

Camilla has 6 years of marketing experience and a BSc in Media and Communications. With a background in digital marketing, Camilla is passionate about educating businesses on how to leverage emerging technologies and digital marketing practices to help them stand out from the noise.

She is looking forward to using her knowledge and experience to help support Bailey & French through an exciting period of growth.

Camilla's Top 3 Strengths: Curiosity, Humor, Judgement

Ysobel Cash Ysobel Cash

Operations Executive

Ysobel comes from an events and hospitality background which has given her a great deal of experience working closely with people of all walks of life. A highly organised individual with exceptional customer service skills, creative and innovative, Ysobel is passionate about people and helping others.

After studying Illustation at University, Ysobel has a keen creative side which enables her to look at things from all angles.

Ysobel’s top 3 strengths: Empathy, Resilience, Humor.

Star Star

Santa's Little Helper

Star is a Collie, Spaniel, Tufted Retriever cross and very loving.

A real "people person", her main strengths are Woo, Positivity, and Harmony.

She loves exploring the woods, swimming in ponds, and herding chicken.

Consulting Team

Joshua French Joshua French

Lead Consultant & Co-Founder

Joshua is a personal development expert, dedicated to helping people lead increasingly meaningful and rewarding lives.

A founder of Bailey & French, he has over 15 years’ experience creating and facilitating positive learning environments that accelerate personal and team growth.

Joshua's Top 3 Strengths: Explorer, Playfulness, Empathy

Anthony Fitton Anthony Fitton

Head of Private Sector / Lead Consultant

Psychologist by background, Ant’s mission is to inspire life through work helping people all over the world bring their best, most authentic and energised self to work.

With 7+ years’ experience, Ant has taken lead on many blended people solutions for mid-level, senior and future leadership programmes, organisation-wide wellbeing initiatives, team interventions and coaching programmes at some of the world’s top brands.

He’s completed ultra-marathons and competed nationally in Ballroom/Latin dancing but most often enjoys time with friends and family.

Ant's top strengths: Strategic thinking, Self-improvement, Collaboration

Megan Byrt Megan Byrt

Lead Consultant

With a BA in Applied Psychology and an MSc in Business Psychology, Megan has over 5 years of experience working in assessment, learning and development across the government, consultancy, military, rail, retail, non-profit and arts sectors.

Her appetite for learning and variety extends to all corners of life, enabling her to gain more depth and understanding of the human condition.

Megan's Top 3 Strengths: Empathy, Significance, Achiever

Anna Maasland Anna Maasland


Anna loves to support people to flourish and thrive, in work and beyond.

With a BSc in Psychology and a dual MSc degree in Social and Organizational Psychology and Positive Organizational Psychology, Anna is highly skilled at applying Positive Psychology to teams and across whole organisations. She has a passion for Positive Psychology, and specialises in how PsyCap, Growth Mindset, passion and purpose can increase work engagement.

Her enthusiasm is infectious and she loves to learn new ways of applying positive psychology, both personally and with our clients.

Anna's Top 3 Strengths: Achiever, Positivity, Connector

Holly Holm-Powell Holly Holm-Powell


Following her BSc in Applied Psychology, Holly has gained over 4 years of experience working in Positive Psychology, Strengths and assessment across a range of private and public sector organisations.

Holly is highly skilled at learning about teams and organisations, unpicking what’s happening and finding the best solutions to empower them.

Holly's Top 3 Strengths: Approachability, Organisation and Analytical Thinking,

Thomas Cunningham-Fahie Thomas Cunningham-Fahie


With an MSc in Sport & Exercise Science, Thomas has worked as a performance psychologist across sport and business for over 3 years. He specialises in helping teams and individuals build confidence, improve resilience and prevent burnout by maximising wellbeing.

He has a passion for helping organisations and leaders create environments that allow their people to fulfil their potential and thrive at work.

Thomas’ top 3 strengths: Drive, Logistical Mind, Positivity

Daniel Billington Daniel Billington


Daniel has a BSc in Psychology and an MSc in Occupational Psychology. Working with clients in the UK and internationally, he has gained 4 years of experience in personnel selection and development, supporting organisations to deliver innovative, engaging, and robust assessment solutions.

He has a passion for applying evidence-based Positive Psychology practices that help individuals and teams to thrive and perform at their best

Recruitment Team

Matt Roff Matt Roff

Recruitment Consultant

Matt is a English and Media graduate with over 8 years recruitment experience and specialises in new business development and expanding client accounts.

Matt spent over five years recruiting within risk and regulation for large banks and consultancies and has spent the last 3 years recruiting within the accountancy and Finance Market. He hopes to blend the two together here at Bailey and French to expand our expertise and service offering.

Outside of work, Matt enjoys playing beach tennis, badminton, running, painting and drawing.

Mark Curikov Mark Curikov

Recruitment Consultant

Mark is a business management graduate who initially started his career as a fraud prevention specialist within the finance industry.

His extensive background in fitness and a strong interest in finance have reached convergence in the recruitment industry, where his competitive and goal-driven nature is currently flourishing.

Mark’s unique working style and quick learning capabilities have allowed him to quickly transition into a completely new industry and deliver exceptional and consistent results since the moment he joined.

Our Associates

Taslim Tharani Taslim Tharani

Associate Consultant

Paul Berry Paul Berry

Associate Consultant

Amy McKeown Amy McKeown

Associate Consultant

Lindsay Foreman Lindsay Foreman

Associate Consultant

Helen Day Helen Day

Associate Consultant

Rocky Datoo Rocky Datoo

Associate Consultant

Victoria Warren Victoria Warren

Associate Consultant

Ben Haslett Ben Haslett

Associate Consultant

Charlie Cannon Charlie Cannon

Associate Consultant

Diane Seaborne Diane Seaborne

Associate Consultant

Grace Walsh Grace Walsh

Associate Consultant


Huma Khan Huma Khan

Associate Consultant

Dan Collinson Dan Collinson

Associate Consultant

Rachel Foord Rachel Foord

Associate Consultant

Lucy Gleeson Lucy Gleeson

Associate Consultant

Ben Steeden Ben Steeden

Associate Consultant

Katie Clinton Katie Clinton

Associate Consultant

Joe Cohen Joe Cohen

Associate Consultant

Helen Ferris-Baker Helen Ferris-Baker

Associate Consultant

Andrea Giraldez-Hayes Andrea Giraldez-Hayes

Associate Consultant

Fionnuala Tennyson Fionnuala Tennyson

Associate Consultant

Tara Elie Tara Elie

Associate Consultant

Maria Gardner Maria Gardner

Associate Consultant

Matthew Smith Matthew Smith

Associate Consultant

Lisa Sansom Lisa Sansom

Associate Consultant

Kear Brain Kear Brain

Associate Consultant

Kerstin Jatho Kerstin Jatho

Associate Consultant

Nikki Ayles Nikki Ayles

Associate Consultant

James Kwan James Kwan

Associate Consultant

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