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Introduction to Leadership Development

Evolving the quality of leadership in organisations can be a challenge and issues around leadership can be so long-lasting that they become engrained in the organisation’s culture. Training programmes can be time-consuming and complex to design and organise alongside other initiatives. This means HR, L&D and People teams can find themselves stretched too thin and can feel frustrated at the limited return on investment that some leadership development interventions seem to have.

Our Leadership Development solutions offer maximum impact for minimum investment by focusing on developing the foundational emotional intelligence leaders need across three core areas: Leading Self, Leading Others and Leading the Organisation. With a “strengths” focus as the backbone of our leadership development programmes, we help leaders to unlock their own and others’ rich potential for peak performance and flourishing and thriving at work.

We know that time is precious, so we have designed our programmes in bitesize learning modules, which are flexible and easy to implement alongside other initiatives. Underpinned by the latest research in Positive Psychology, we help Leaders tune into and amplify the best of themselves and the best of the people around them rather than focusing on the negatives.

Who needs Leadership Development

Who needs Leadership Development?

• Leaders who need to relieve pressure they are experiencing by being stretched too thin

• Leaders who have inherited teams and now need to empower and engage them

• Leaders who need support with clarifying roles, exiting people positively and supporting those who are struggling

• Leaders who need support to communicate and execute their vision


Benefits of service

What are the benefits?

Confident leaders who are skilled at supporting the growth and development of those around them

Inspiring leaders who harness the intrinsic motivation and collective intelligence of people to achieve business goals

Empowered leaders with their own unique, authentic leadership style that is flexible enough to adapt to new challenges

Skilled leaders who can build capable teams and encourage accountability

Credible leaders that people trust and respect, who are skilled to have difficult conversations

Persuasive leaders who can accelerate and lead change buy achieving buy-in across the organisation


Programme Information

Programme Information

We can offer Leadership Development in a variety formats:

• Consultancy

• Coaching

• Workshops

• Tools

• Combining all into a full programme.

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The core modules for Leadership Development are:

• Leading Self

• Leading Others

• Effective Decision Making

• Influencing Others Effectively

• Leveraging Organisational Strengths

• Clarity of Strategy

• Engaging Vision

• Leading Through Change


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Case Study

Case Study: Leadership Development

Helen, a leader at a large UK Insurer, had acquired a new, highly experienced team and felt apprehensive about joining 100 colleagues on a strengths based leadership development programme.

The Bailey & French approach offered core principles that could be applied to the organisation, resulting in better collaboration, increased self-awareness and awareness of others, plus much more.

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