Kick-start Positive Conversations

Wellbeing and positive performance are areas that we all want to focus on more, but how can we kick-start positive conversations around them?

Our people are incredibly busy which makes it hard to fit wellbeing and performance into everybody’s schedules. This often means that important topics get lost along the way, and we end up not focusing on them as much as we would like.

But, time pressure is just one of many barriers.

For example, team conversations are often negatively focused, aren’t meaningful and can feel forced rather than stimulating.

So, how can we support and encourage our teams to have positive, focused and energising conversations in their everyday work?

We wanted to encourage people to have deep-level conversations throughout their working day. So, we designed ‘Lets Talk Cards’ that did exactly this. Using these cards empowers people to have meaningful conversations, therefore improving peoples performance and wellbeing.

performance card to help positive conversations

 Let’s Talk Performance

“When are we great at showing respect?”

The subtle change in perception of performance (from ‘management’ to ‘motivation’), combined with the understanding and application of the core elements (Respect, Clarity, Strengths, Praise, Growth, Empowerment) empowers people to perform positively at work.

Let's Talk Performance 
wellbeing cards to help positive conversations

Let’s Talk Wellbeing 

“When have I felt inspired recently?”

Connecting about our wellbeing can help to improve our resilience and encourage us to flourish and thrive.

Themed on the five pillars of PERMA, these cards help kick-start meaningful conversations about the things that positively impact psychological wellbeing.

Let's Talk Wellbeing
strengths card to help positive conversations

Let’s Talk Strengths

“How have I used my strengths recently to good effect?”

Playing to our strengths more at work can energise us as well as enhance our wellbeing and performance.

Therefore, our Strengths Cards encourage us to identify and understand our individual and collective strengths and help us to apply them more skilfully day-to-day.

Let's Talk Strengths

Let’s Talk Everyday!

Each Let’s Talk Card offers a quick activity, action point or question. They are a great tool to help you grow your micro-action mindset. Not only this, they can be used in a variety of different scenarios across all aspects of work.

These fully flexible, fun and engaging discussion tools can be used in a wide range of activities and events such as meetings, 121’s, huddles or lunch’n’learns therefore, bringing wellbeing and positive performance to life at work.


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