Human Leadership

Human Leadership is a way of leading that focuses on enabling and empowering human beings to build more adaptable, purpose-driven and deeply connected organisations.

Our Human Leadership programme is a blended learning experience, building on foundational principles of emotional intelligence, shaping how leaders create and role-model a more authentic, inclusive, purpose-driven and psychologically safe work culture.

The three levels of learning are:

Knowledge Building: increasing our levels of knowledge with information, data and evidence based research

Skill Development: equipping with practical, simple, easy tools and then practicing to build confidence using them

Strengths Mastery: fine tuning authentic use of new and increased learning to personal specific leadership context


"Top, future-ready organisations know who they are and what they stand for; they operate with a fixation on speed and simplicity; and they grow by scaling up their ability to learn, innovate and seek good ideas regardless of their origin... They are simply more human

(McKinsey, 2021)

The Human Leadership Programme

The Human Leadership programme contains 4 modules:

Authenticity: Improve leader’s self-awareness through a deeper understanding of strengths, purpose and how to lead with authenticity.

Inclusivity: Build leader’s awareness of others by being more curious and appreciative without judgement and bias to build a truly inclusive culture.

Role-modelling: Learning to role-model with intention and authenticity, remaining open to challenge and amplifying our inclusive behaviours.

Human Connection: Strengthen relationships by building trust, psychological safety and connecting on a more human level with team and key stakeholders.


The Human Leadership programme is then followed by the Leading Team Flow programme:

Separation: Helping leaders explore who their team really are and what knowledge, skills and strengths they uniquely bring to the team.

Alignment: Helping leaders create more meaningful team goals and strike a balance between motivating high performance and wellbeing.

Cohesion: Helping leaders create a sense of togetherness in their teams by building stronger human connections and providing more impactful strengths-based feedback.

Who's The Programme For?

Exec leaders and board teams: The emphasis here will be fine tuning the impact of their leadership style on the human experience and how to empower senior and future leadership to lead a human-centred organisations.

Senior leadership teams: The emphasis here will be on providing a safe platform for peer learning, to unite senior leaders across the business to connect, share stories and collaborate on a shared way of working.

Future leaders: Often leaders who are ambitious and determined to create a better organisation for the future. Connecting, sharing and learning together as with Senior leadership will be key.

Middle managers: The most suited for this programme. This is where most people are seeing burnout and high turnover and need the most support in creating a more resilient, compassionate and energised work environment.

Front-line or first-time managers: First-time or recent manager who's eager to learn and influence the whole organisation from the bottom up.