Human Leadership

There are a huge amount of leadership theories and models available, and the pandemic has accelerated and amplified the need for greater emotional intelligence overall.

Our Leadership development programme focuses on the most relevant human ways of developing emotional intelligence for this new future of work.

This programme uplifts leaders to rise above what they know and the skills they’ve gained to listen to their inner voice and lead from their human core, putting this at the heart of how they lead teams everyday in every interaction with meaningful human connection.

The Human Leadership Programme

The Human Leadership programme is designed for exec leaders and board teams, senior leadership teams, middle managers and front line or new managers.

There are 3 levels of learning:

Knowledge Building: increasing our levels of knowledge with information, data and evidence based research

Skill Development: equipping with practical, simple, easy tools and then practicing to build confidence using them

Strengths Mastery: fine tuning authentic use of new and increased learning to personal specific leadership context


Key Learning Outcomes

- Increased knowledge of human leadership and foundational theories and data to support

- Increased Self Awareness, Other awareness, Self Management and Relationship Management through the lens of research on Inclusion, Strengths based Leadership, Psychological Safety, Authenticity, Servant Leadership, Stewardship.

- Skills in maintaining and increasing awareness of self and others

-  Skills in managing self and relationships with human lens

-  Expert Skills developed in Relationship Management through latest research into TeamFlow

- Application of learning to day to day ways of working through peer collaboration and community sharing

- Personal reflection through coaching to apply learning to the whole self

- Community building and collaboration for organisational learning

The Modules

Find out more about the modules below.

4 online on demand foundation modules via Future Learn short course, and4  skill development workshops facilitated online or face-to-face in the following areas :

  • Self-Awareness
  • Other Awareness
  • Self-Management
  • Relationship Management

10 expert online on demand modules via future learn:

  • TeamFlow for Human Leaders
  • Unique Contribution
  • Clarity of Expectations
  • Safe to Stretch
  • Team Goals
  • On Track
  • Team Motivators
  • Respectful Relationships
  • Platforms
  • Powerful Communication