We’re hiring! Come and join us at Bailey & French!

Our Purpose is to have such an impact on the world of work that we positively impact millions of people’s lives. In service of this we focus on empowering people to be their best for both performance and wellbeing.

Our people solutions include facilitated organisational learning programmes, consultancy, workshops and tools.

The way we work in any given context, organisation type, market, industry and country demonstrates our focus at that human level.

Our roles span all areas of the consultancy lifecycle: Business development, Design and Delivery as well contributing to the company’s future through delivery of our strategy to bring the vision to life.

Our efficient, professional, savvy consultants understand commercial demands and pressures and offer relevant targeted solutions. We are highly engaged, super motivated, fresh thinking client partners who nurture client relationships and provide enhanced outcomes for our clients quickly to see return on investment.

Our hyper accelerated development training means our consultants are up to speed as independent thought leaders in our field and clients get super motivated, fresh thinking from people who have relevant and recent research as input to their programme design.

We create value add IP as part of all our work attracting amazing people who love learning and who then provide enhanced outcomes for our clients quickly.

All our people confidently infuse thought leadership into our work to keep the evolution of our company continual and offering new cutting-edge products and services for our clients giving them competitive advantage.


Our roles are based in Brighton delivering to clients across the world, with a salary range of £20 – 40K + bonus.

We are particularly interested in candidates with MAPP or Masters in Applied / Business Psychology and experience in applying Positive Psychology but this is not essential.


– Support Consultants – MSc in HRM/Psychology and 1-3 years’ experience applying psychology, to support our team across all areas of the role from business development, design and delivery.

Consultants – MSc in HRM/ Psychology and 3-5+ years’ experience in a consultancy role. You will lead on some client projects/programmes, and work across all areas of the role from business development, design and delivery.

Leading Consultants – MSc in HRM / Psychology 5+ years’ experience in consultancy ideally applying positive psychology with people at work. You will be leading programmes and the consultants / support consultants across all areas of the role from business development and design to delivery.



If you are keen to find out more, please click here for a candidate pack.