Event Summary: Self-Managing Teams Seminar

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Self-Managing Teams Seminar: Strengths-Based Team Discussions for Performance and Wellbeing

Cultural Evolution

We recently led a fantastic morning seminar on Strengths and Self-Managing Teams. Due to the event being a great success, we wanted more people to benefit from all the key knowledge shared. All you have to do is complete the form below to Download your copy of the Event Summary.


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  • Takeaways & Shared Views

  • Nando’s Case Study and Tips

  • Topics to Discuss with your People

  • Barriers and How to Overcome

  • Overview of Tools

  • How Bailey & French can Help

  • Self Managing Teams Research


Leading scientists believe that the future of work will be autocatalytic, self-organising, non-linear, and include adaptive systems – in other words, chaos, or complexity, theory – rather than Newtonian principles. (Dolan 2003, Greenfield, 2015)


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