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Managers and Leaders face challenges every day, from knowing how best to motivate their team to managing difficult conversations effectively. Not only this, but many Managers are feeling less confident about supporting their team's mental health when leading virtually or with hybrid teams. This lack of confidence is especially problematic as evidence suggests that Leaders need to be consistently talking to their teams to support wellbeing and ensure excellent performance whilst working remotely.

By focusing in on developing leaders, and putting strengths-based performance and wellbeing at the heart of that development, we can build high-performing resilient organisations.

98% of HR professionals and 92% of employees surveyed said empathetic employers drive retention - Business Solver

Companies that had the best corporate cultures, that encouraged all-around leadership initiatives and that highly appreciated their employees, customers and owners grew 682 percent in revenue - Forbes

Employees who receive daily feedback from their manager are 3 times more likely to be engaged than those who receive feedback one a year or less - Gallup

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Our Workshops

Underpinned by the latest research, we help leaders across all levels tune into and amplify the best of themselves and the best of the people around them rather than focusing on the negatives.

Our Leadership Development solutions offer maximum impact for minimum investment by focusing on the foundational emotional intelligence leaders need across three core areas: Leading Self, Leading Others and Leading the Organisation. With a 'strengths' focus as the backbone of our leadership development programmes, we help leaders to unlock their own and others' rich potential for peak performance and flourishing and thriving at work.

We know that time is precious, so we have designed our programmes in bitesize learning modules, which are flexible and easy to implement alongside other initiatives. These provide personal learning that is integrated with work and has life-long impact.

Our workshops:

  • Leading Self
  • Leading Others
  • Leading the Organisation
  • Leadership Accelerator
  • Strengths Coaching
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At Bailey & French we work across many private and public sector organisations. Have a look at our case stories to find out about some of the workshops we have delivered.


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