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The ways we work are evolving at an exponential rate. This is not purely because of the boom in technology, it is also a result of increasing discoveries about the best ways to help people flourish and thrive at work. As these discoveries influence new work practices to increase productivity, teams are required to be more agile than ever, flexing to fit into ever-changing environments.

Teams that can self-manage to some degree are becoming vital to an organisation’s success. We have developed key strategies to building high-performing, self-managing teams. At the core of these strategies is ensuring that all people’s strengths are meaningfully aligned towards a shared vision, and creating platforms that help people take accountability for their own and others’ wellbeing and performance.

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Who needs Team Effectiveness Solutions?

• Teams with a lack of clarity about their individual roles, team objectives and organisational goals

• Teams who have only ever known a ‘parental’ approach from management and don’t feel personally empowered

• Organisations that have developed a silo mentality and that now require cross-functional collaboration

• Organisations who are moving towards self-management and want to optimise energy and time

What are the benefits of our Team Effectiveness Solutions?

• Improved collaboration within and between teams

• Increased productivity and performance

• Increased wellbeing and resilience

• Stronger connections between people

• Innovative solutions to problems and clear action plans

• The creation of an organisational growth mindset

Case Study: Teams

Read how we empowered teams at Protiviti to build accountability for their own development.

Protiviti case story

Teams Specialist