Playing to our strengths has a powerful positive impact on both individual and team performance and wellbeing.

Strengths are things we find energising, enjoyable and easy to use. Everyone has unique and enduring strengths, not just ‘top talent’. However, discovering strengths is not enough to increase performance and wellbeing – we need to know how to use them. Strengths develop from birth until around the age of 17. After this age it is much harder to develop new strengths (although it is possible).

As strengths are so easy to use, it is common for people to overplay their strengths, using them too much and having a negative impact on other people and situations. Therefore, it is important that we learn how to manage our strengths skilfully.

Doing this can help us to lead ourselves, lead others and lead the organisation.

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Who needs Strengths?

• Anyone who could be more engaged and motivated in their day-to-day work.

• People who would like to enhance their performance and personal effectiveness.

• People who want to boost their confidence, authenticity and ‘personal brand’.

• Teams who could be collaborating for more efficiency and creativity/innovation.

What are the benefits of Strengths?

Enhanced motivation and wellbeing.

• Support for the best environment to encourage peak performance and ways to get into ‘flow’.

• More effective use of time and energy.

• Skills development in giving high-impact feedback.

• A deep understanding of how to manage strengths, overplayed strengths and weaknesses in ourselves and others.

Case Study: ABN AMRO

ABN AMRO are an international . Read how we empowered ABN AMRO's people to apply their strengths for higher performance and increased wellbeing

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