Bailey & French, June 2017 newsletter

In this time of intense focus on data and technology, at Bailey & French we have separated the two and redefined how to think about data collection. For example, engagement surveys tell us averages (data) but often miss the detail, the commentary which enables effective decisions and strategies. Qualitative data is so critical yet so […]

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P for Positive Emotion

Later I learned about the concept of ‘eudaimonic happiness’, or human flourishing, which is about being able to integrate positive and negative emotions and really grow as a human being.

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Stop the Parenting on Wellbeing

I’ve spoken to several clients this year who have ‘wellbeing’ on their agenda, and I wonder: what does this mean for most organisations? Are we missing a trick?

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Happiness at Work – A Realistic Perspective

It was a delight to hear Drs. Itai Ivtzan and Tim Lomas speak at Conway Hall last week on ‘Positive Psychology – New Ideas for Happier Living’, an Action for Happiness event.

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Bringing Strength Coaching to Students

Myself and my colleague, Nader Beshara, had the pleasure of visiting a university in Brighton last week to share with some of the students the Positive Psychology and Strength Coaching that we use here at Bailey & French.

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3 Key Reminders to Make Training Effective

Do you ever find yourself coming out of a training course buzzing with all the new things you are going to do and implement, only to find yourself 3 months later doing the exact same things you did before?

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