We are excited to announce our Innovation in Business award!

We are extremely honoured to announce that we have received the Innovation in Business award at Brighton and Hove Business Awards – sponsored by the University of Sussex!
We are so grateful for the community of people and organisations that we have collaborated with to get to this point. Our relationships – with our clients, partners, associates, suppliers and now summer school attendees – have been so important for empowering people and organisations to grow positively and we truly appreciate the community that we have all built together.
So how do we innovate

Empowering a more human approach to work through the application of Positive Psychology is at the heart of everything we do together. We empower people to be their best for performance and wellbeing, harnessing what is right with people, rather than ‘fixing what is wrong with people’. We believe people just need the right platforms to flourish and thrive.
With our clients, we have focused on strengths rather than competencies, motivated performance rather than managed it, and taken a strategic and positive approach to wellbeing for everyone to support thriving and flourishing at work and beyond. 
Our community

Our community in Brighton is known for its inclusive and creative culture, two elements that we know are fundamental for innovation and why we chose Brighton as the home for our business. Together with our network we have come a long way in 5 years from running local workshops to large scale global cultural evolution programmes for some of the worlds largest employers across all industries and markets in both private and public sectors.
Moving into the future

The world of work is increasingly relying on technology, but how much do we focus on the relationships that really keep us connected through all of this? We can innovate by building connections with the people around us and having really great conversations. To remain innovative we cannot just rely on new tech, but need to really understand each other at a human level and be able to collaborate for greater performance and wellbeing.

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We empower people to be their best.

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