How can Psychological Capital empower people to be their best?

Psychological Capital is a brilliant way to foster really great performance and wellbeing for ourselves, and to empower others to do the same. So, what is it and how can we develop it in our workplace?

Psychological Capital (or ‘PsyCap’) looks at how positively we view situations, ourselves and success. It is considered a ‘positive psychological resource’ that we can use to avoid burnout and distress, and to energise ourselves to flourish around wellbeing and performance.
PsyCap focuses on how we see our workplace and ourselves. This makes it a great way to empower people and help them to build personal accountability. We can take people on a journey that helps them to explore what external resources they can leverage, how to be confident in what they can achieve, and so that success is within their reach.
Rather than just ‘thinking positively all of the time’, PsyCap is about strategically changing how we see things. Strategies we might use include reframing situations, becoming more aware of our abilities and strengths, and working on how to achieve our goals.
Developing our work relationships with PsyCap
PsyCap can be developed through exercises and training programmes. However, there is a quick activity that we can use to get a burst of Psychological Capital to improve our relationships at work.
Simply answer the questions below (or to empower someone else, set some time aside to ask them these questions!):

1. Who is one person that you are grateful for?
2. What is it about that person that you are grateful for?
3. What do you do that enables the other person to do that?
4. How could you do more of that in the future?
5. Is there another person/relationship you could do that with?
6. When?

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