Have you mastered your strengths? – March 2018 Newsletter

X, Y, Z are my top three strengths. Now what?

Discovering our strengths- the things we enjoy and excel at- doesn’t really change very much. It won’t instantaneously improve our performance, increase our engagement or empower us to flourish…unless…we actively channel our strengths to craft a working life that we enjoy. The real power lies in being able to practically apply this knowledge to our work.

Few roles are completely static. Crafting our job does not mean we transform it beyond all recognition, it simply means we shift the emphasis towards the things we find pleasurable and do well. By reshaping our role around our strengths, we develop a sense of autonomy which serves to boost our energy and increase our satisfaction. Approaching routine tasks more creatively will make them more meaningful and empower us to thrive.

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So, what’s next? How can we help our people get better at applying their strengths, developing mastery over them and becoming happier and more successful? Some ideas.

Use strengths outside of the workplace. During those refreshing (often long-awaited) periods of downtime, encourage your people to continue applying their strengths. Every moment using a strength will help to develop it. This will also make it easier for people to craft their role at work.

Also, try and encourage more intelligent collaboration. Solutions to complex challenges can be overcome more effectively if we’re all open about our strengths and weaknesses. By being authentically honest, we can divide work such that everyone has maximum opportunity to play to their strengths.

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At Bailey & French, we focus on what’s ‘right’ rather than ‘fixing’ what’s ‘wrong’.

To help individuals, teams and organisations build awareness around strengths and apply their knowledge more effectively, we’ve developed a strengths-focused Performance Motivation programme. Our six 45-minute workshops can teach your people how to apply their strengths in different workplace scenarios to craft a fulfilling working life. They can be delivered online for up to 500 people, face-to-face for smaller groups or in Train-The-Trainer format.

Our Performance Motivation Mat also encourages teams to openly discuss their strengths during performance conversations. This self-facilitating, scalable tool aims to increase the time people spend in peak performance.

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Want more? Read our article on strengths mastery, drop Eleanor an email at ea@baileyandfrench.com or call us on 01273 830830.