Overcoming team performance blockages cost-effectively – February 2018 Newsletter

We all know team performance conversations are vital, but where do we start? How can we understand and overcome performance blockages without the need for face-to-face training?

Budgets are always shrinking, forcing team training and development courses further down the priority list. Faced with these economic pressures, managers still need increased support to engage with their team and ensure they are providing them with opportunities to flourish and thrive.

In an attempt to minimise the consequences of training cuts, we still feel duty-bound to offer ‘solutions’. We can be expected to pick up the slack by:

1. Offering cheaper training solutions to smaller populations (…which are unlikely to roll out effectively)
or …

2. Designing budget-friendly programmes in house (…adding yet another task to our already jam-packed to-do lists)
Here at Bailey & French, we can offer an economical, practical solution. We have developed a simple conversation mat to evolve performance conversations for teams. This self-facilitating and energising tool is designed around the six core fundamentals for positive performance and is an ideal activity for team away days or could fit easily into a lunch break.

At just £5 per head (approx.), this tool eliminates the need for face-to-face training and encourages teams to discuss how they can improve their own performance. For more information, visit our online shop and help your managers now!

If you would like to discuss further, or would prefer one of our consultants to facilitate, then drop us an email now or call us on 01273 830830 for a slot in the diary.

P.s. We’re looking forward to speaking at a British University’s Finance Directors Group Conference on 17th April, sharing some of our innovative tools and strategies that support people’s wellbeing and resilience in the workplace…come and take a look.

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