Can the strengths approach help address underperformance?

Let’s assume you know what strengths are: the unique, enduring, authentic traits which we find enjoyable and energising to use.

You can find out more about strengths here.

So, how can strengths be applied to cases of underperformance? Will strengths coaching remove the issue of underperformance altogether and eliminate the need for performance conversations?

No (let’s be realistic!), but a strengths approach will help when initially assessing and addressing underperformance and will support working relationships to overcome all kinds of barriers.

Need some examples? No problem…

Firstly, if strengths are discussed regularly during performance conversations, a better, more open and trusting relationship will begin to blossom between manager and employee. Strengths are the key to high quality, deep-rooted connections. Understanding how our strengths complement and balance each other will go a long way in helping with those difficult conversations.

Secondly, strengths conversations give us the opportunity to reflect on our intrinsic motivations. Why are we really doing the job we’re doing? Is it right for us? We are unlikely to flourish and thrive and will feel unmotivated, unsatisfied and, frankly, unhappy, unless we’re regularly applying our strengths. Through strengths conversations, managers can often identify the source of underperformance, and may be able to find alternative, better suited roles.

Thirdly, strengths-based conversations can prevent the exit route being taken unnecessarily. If we can reshape our role around our strengths, we are all more likely to achieve our performance outcomes.

Our Leadership Development programme helps managers tune in to the best of the people around them. Together with our strengths-focused Performance Motivation programme we can empower teams and individuals to achieve the best results every time and overcome underperformance. That’s not all… our Performance Motivation Conversation Mat is a self-facilitating tool designed to open group discussions and tackle difficult topics with immediate impact on results.

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