September Newsletter – What's next? Beyond employee engagement

In a world of work that is increasingly complex, volatile, uncertain and ambiguous, people need to be able to adapt quickly and positively, and be resilient to all types of pressures. To thrive in this world, organisations will need to focus on more than employee engagement… they will need to enable and empower wellbeing.

Maintaining and improving your psychological wellbeing (positive emotions, relationships, time in flow, meaning, achievement etc.) is consistently It goes beyond employee engagement for these 3 reasons:

·    It addresses the whole person – It realises that in order to perform at your best, you need to bring your whole, authentic self to work.

·    It encourages people to use their unique strengths, even if these are outside the traditional scope of role, so that they can be at their best every day

·    It is for everyone – It realises that people no longer work in siloed teams, and that engagement and wellbeing should not be measured and discussed in this way.

·     It benefits work & beyond – It recognises that the experiences people have at work impacts their whole life. It raises topics that will benefit people in all aspects of their life, and that they will carry forward with them in the future.

We challenge you to push further than employee engagement, to start the conversation on what matters most to people at work, on wellbeing. As People Teams and HR Functions, our job shouldn’t be about policing completion of surveys and coming up with all the solutions. We need to give people the platforms and tools to discuss and act on the things that matter most to them, and continue to empower people to take responsibility for being their best each and every day.

We do this through self-facilitating conversation mats that any group of people can use at any time. They table topics that are often taboo, and put responsibility for quick-wins and longer-term actions in the hands of each individual.

We will be talking about this topic much more at the Wellbeing @ Work Conference in London on November 1st.

We look forward to seeing you there!

We empower people to be their best.

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